June 1, 2017

May and September 2018 Retreat Options

I want you to fall in love with my home country
Let me share the true France with you.

Very limited spaces available for this VIP experience.
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First come First served.

Just picture this for a minute…

You’re seated in a café, in a small village in picturesque Provence in the south of France. Joined by an intimate collection of self-confessed France addicts (like YOU!), you’ve just finished meandering gently through the nearby food markets – so full of colour!

You’re surrounded by lavender fields, traditional vineyards and wineries, and a pace of life that encourages you to sit back and soak everything in.

The smell of hot baguette and croissants emanating from a nearby boulangerie tempts you, so you indulge in a coffee and pain au chocolat with your new friends.

What a gorgeous picture – won’t you join us?

 Experiences beyond the phrase book

The French Speak Retreat is a truly behind-the-scenes experience, available only to a limited number of travelers.

We will explore the real France, and the relaxed pace of life in Provence – an authentic trip that you won’t find in any guide books, and far from the tour buses and cheap souvenirs.

My name is Devy Baseley, and I am the founder of Brisbane-based French school, French Speak.

I love to help people to connect with the true beauty and culture of my home country. I was born in the heart of Paris and raised between Paris and Provence. Provence is where my family still live today.

These retreats are my opportunity to share ‘my France’ – showing you the secret places and the gorgeous way of life that is known only to locals, away from the tourist traps.

 I want you to enjoy a gorgeous experience, and to make memories that you will treasure for a lifetime.

Together we will travel to my favourite restaurants and cafés, explore some of the Provence region’s most colourful markets and fall (even more) in love with the flavours, sights and sounds of France.

Immerse yourself: Learn a little French, or a lot – it’s up to you!

Travelling off the beaten path means we will spend our time in locations where the locals don’t speak much English, giving you an authentic experience.

Have you ever marveled at the ease with which bilingual children speak? Their ear has been developed through immersion in the language. The French Speak Retreat is your opportunity to do the same.

But fear not – I will be with you throughout your journey, so you can relax, enjoy the scenery and choose to use  as much or as little French as you like.

Pace of life

Prepare yourself for seven days of idyllic relaxation as you slow down to match the gentle pace of life in Provence, think 2-3 hour-long lunches…

Take the time to soak up every experience, every view, every taste – unlike traditional ‘tours’, there is no rushing between landmarks on this trip.

Instead, we will take a breath and watch the world go, perched on the balcony of one of my favourite cafes, or while gently exploring the delightful village markets, or one of the other gorgeous activities we have lined up for this trip.


Download the tour brochure above for more information,
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Put away that guide book and close the dozen internet browser tabs

When you plan a holiday, especially one that’s off the beaten path, you face two things.

  1. Losing countless hours to researching where to go
  2. Turning up…. And fighting crowds who all read the same ‘Top 10 things to see and do in Provence’ guide that you did.

Planning your ultimate trip doesn’t have to mean spending hours on the internet, feeling overwhelmed and confused, or elbow-deep in travel guide books full of dog-eared pages and highlighted paragraphs. And that’s even before you have your first night’s accommodation organised!

The beauty of the French Speak Retreat is two-fold – firstly, you don’t need to book a thing.

You just need to get to Nice (direct flights available from many places, including London, Paris and Rome), and we do the rest.

And, most importantly, you’re travelling to the real France, away from the tourists and terrible souvenirs.

This is your chance to enjoy an insider’s view into some of the country’s most beautiful scenery, far from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The locals love to keep quiet about their favourite spots so it’s lucky that, with French Speak, you’re part of the inner circle!

Ready to join us?

Travel Dates
12-19th May 2018 (book before February)

1-8th September 2018 (book before June)


Fayence, Var/Provence, France

Meeting point: Nice (Saturday 12 May or Saturday 1 Sep)
Drop off point: Nice (Saturday 19 May or Saturday 8 Sep)


AUD 3,850 + local payment EUR 1,000 on Day 1 of the retreat

Payment plan available:

Monthly repayments $965 x 4 + local payment EUR 1,000 on Day 1 of the retreat

What’s included

  • Seven nights’ accommodation (shared villa with private room and private bathroom, or individual hotel rooms)
  • All breakfasts and dinners
  • Airport taxi transfers from/to Nice
  • Transport for day trips and all outings
  • Entry fees for wineries, visits and tastings
  • Cooking class and art workshop fees


  • Flights
  • Lunches
  • Not much else!


Very limited spaces available for this VIP experience.
Book now to avoid disappointment

First come First served.

Are you ready to indulge your senses and immerse yourself
in the French language, culture and countryside?

Download the tour brochure here for more information,
or contact to secure your reservation.

Get in touch with Devy on 0430 885 499 or to find out more!

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