June 15, 2012

Corporate French Classes in Brisbane

What to Expect from Our Corporate French Classes

Employers often seek to inject something unique and engaging into the workspace. Especially if the firm or company has dealings with France or other Francophone countries, offering corporate French classes is a great way to spice things up for staff.

Our Corporate French class in Brisbane is perfect for:

  • Colleagues intrigued by French who want a tutor to visit their office regularly.
  • Employers interested in providing Business French or French for Travellers to their team.
  • Leaders who want to reward staff with captivating classes that can be tailored to their work hours.

How large should these corporate French lessons be?

If the group you have in mind consists of more than 15 professionals, then it would be best to split the lessons in two. The minimum is 10.

Structure of the Corporate French Course

Classes are held once a week, and last for one hour each. There are 12 lessons in total, which includes two consolidation lessons that are meant to consolidate all the structures learned and to solidify students’ learning.

Business French is relevant to the class makeup, and notes and optional homework are handed out at the conclusion of each lesson so that learners can improve on their own time.

Take a look at the corporate French class course curriculum.

Where are these corporate French classes held?

Generally, classes will be held in your place of work. In cases where attendance is the equivalent to a small group French class, we can hold lessons in cafés and patisseries in the CBD. This creates an ambiance that is at once convivial and comfortable.

Cost of corporate French classes

Our Brisbane corporate French classes cost $300 for one 12-week course. This comes out to $25 per person per lesson in a class with a minimum of 10 participants.

For those who can’t recruit a group of at least 10, contact us to discuss our competitive quotes—we will accommodate any number of students.


Our greatest time asset is our adaptability. We will tailor our business French and corporate French course around your schedule. Our native French teachers will come in before regular hours, during lunch or after work.


Devy has been a wonderful French tutor for myself and my colleagues at Allianz Global Assistance. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the beginners class. Devy puts you at instance ease, even when you have not had time to do your homework!

It’s been a great opportunity to spend an hour a week focusing your mind in a different way, and it often enhances my thinking when I go back to work after the class. The classes have also been quite fun. Highly recommended.

— Tracey L —

Devy was always willing to look at different ways of helping students of different levels. If the lessons prepared was not sufficient, she quickly changed her focus of the lesson to suit the day.

— Jennifer E —

PwC were looking for innovative and creative team building ideas. French Speak came highly recommended, and with good reason: Devy is a wonderful tutor, the lessons are fun and rewarding, and we are thoroughly enjoying learning this beautiful language together.

— Shannon M —

Devy (tutor) was excellent in presenting the classes. She brought an enthusiastic attitude and was very knowledgeable in all the course content. The lessons were always well prepared and the course content followed a logical structure.

B-Well was able to subside some of the employee costs, however the lessons were still great value for money. Many of the employees commented on their enjoyment of the course and found it to be an excellent way to network and meet other staff throughout the firm.

— Bhupesh K —

Devy is incredibly friendly and helpful. She’s happy for you to call up during the week to assist with pronunciation etc. She is flexible and provides ability to skype into lessons if you’re away.

— Maree G —

I’ve been trying to study French on and off since school, but I’ve found French Speak to make the journey much more enjoyable. Focus is applied to the areas of most use, ie; numbers, directions, introductions, and lots of practical applications. Devy is passionate about her subject and makes it fun and easy! I will be continuing on without a doubt.

— Santina N —